Will mobile phones be banned in Lithuanian schools

Will mobile phones be banned in Lithuanian schools

The Ministry of Education and Science says that it is not going to consider national plans to ban mobile phone schools and leave it to them. Psychologists, for their part, consider it necessary to discuss stricter restrictions on smart phones.

Opportunities to use mobile in schools have recently been tightened by France, with the law making new restrictions on schools to use smartphones, tablets and other devices for power students up to 14-15 years old. “We are not going to consider such plans to ban mobile phones in schools in the near future,” said the BNS in a commentary from the Ministry of Education and Science. It notes that nowadays schools can decide on restrictions on the use of telephones in Lithuania.

Some of them have already banned them in lessons. Jurgita Petrauskienė, Minister of Education and Science BNS, said this week that smart devices should be used in lessons only for education. “If they are used for non-learning or teaching purposes during lessons, this is really a distraction that really does not help to concentrate, so in this case, the teachers, as we hear, are challenging to ensure the quality of the lesson,” the minister said.

Modern disease According to her, the use of mobile phones in schools is limited not only in France, but in many European Union countries. Some of these are governed by laws, others are agreed at school level. ”

This discussion is really in Lithuania too, I think we have to consult the whole community, not only the opinion of teachers, schoolchildren, but also parents are very important here. We need to consult, discuss and see if we are proud of that solution, ”said Petrauskienė.

Andrius Atas, a member of the Board of the Lithuanian Parents Forum, in turn, told BNS that the use of smartphones among children should be regulated more rigorously, as these devices not only interfere with learning but also addiction. When the phone is received, the child experiences computerized emotional anesthesia, games, recordings are narcotic, soothing, so the child reacts very defensively when he wants to take that drug, and he is angry because he does not want to remain alone with his anxiety, even though he does not realize it. ”

One of the main reasons why children are confronted with learning, emotional management, and communication with their parents is that sometimes the use of smart phones, computer games is really difficult in the family. This is a great modern disease, and I would very much like to see it dealt with nationally. I think that at least schools can certainly have a ban, unambiguously, because it does not make any good, ”said Atas. At the same time, he noted that it is important not to mechanically copy French ideas, but to start a discussion. According to him, conversations about new bans, for example, could start from a parent survey through an electronic can check here infomation about mobilieji telefonai.

Mr Atas also explained that the fact that children use phones too often leads to parents being blamed for adult education. “Basically it is very good that a child has a phone that can contact parents, but there is one decay in our society – a complex of inferiority, which in this place expresses specifically that parents want the child not to feel worse than others. The whole pyramid begins with the parents who, for one or another reason, feel guilty – intuitively or consciously not a very good dad, I am not a very good mom, then I need to buy some joy for the child (…). .

The other child then returns home saying that Johnson has a normal phone, and I just have a button. And then a lot of parents are trying to make the child feel worse than others. This is how parents provide children with this damaging thing, which then harms both emotionally and scholarlyly, etc., ”said the psychologist. Works like a drug He also points out that phones can act as a drug.

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