Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Eh Hai Mohabbatein 3 August 2017 complete episode written replace: Raman tells Ishita that he’s going to keep Aadi from that murderer.
Serial continues in which Aadi turned into telling approximately that night whilst Mani got murdered. Ruhi tells the entire truth now, that she had visible Mani with some ladies earlier than he were given murdered and she or he went to Mani’s house to inform Shagun about that and additionally to invite Mani how should he do that to Shagun. How can he be with a few different lady? When she changed into going to tell Shagun about all that, Mani held her and tried to forestall her, and in self defence she picked a knife and attempted to get away from there, while Mani slapped her and pushed her away which hurt her head and she or he fainted. When she woke up, she noticed Mani lying at the ground. She became scared and attempted disposing of her fingerprints from the knife, which then Aadi misunderstood as Ruhi killing Mani.

They inform Ishita that Mani’s watchmen saw Ruhi and Aadi leaving Mani’s residence and that is the reason Aadi gave money to that watchmen to close him up. There Raman idea that Aadi had killed Mani and that is the purpose he is shielding Aadi. Ishita tells them no longer to tell anybody approximately this and that they have to defend raman also. Ishita asks Raman why he has taken all the blame on himself and if he is attempting to shield Aadi. She then tells the complete fact to Raman that Ruhi and Aadi each are can watch this darama form here Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman tells Ishita that he’s going to save Aadi from that assassin. There Shagun thank you Ishita for saving her lifestyles and asks her approximately Raman. Wherein is he and says that Ashok advised her some thing wrong about Raman. Ishita tells her that Ashok isn’t a proper person for her. Meanwhile Ishita gets a name from Shagun’s medical doctor and she takes Shagun to hypnotherapist. Shagun asks Ishita why they’re going to hypnotherapist and Ishita says that it’ll make her thoughts strong and also will launch strain from her thoughts. In Shagun’s hypnotherapy session Shagun saw Ruhi and she shouts words “depart me”, “homicide”, “picture” and “cellphone”.

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